April 27 and May 25 to 26

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About CTAPC 2019


CTA Platform Conference (CTAPC) positions itself as Taiwan’s premier conference on AI & blockchain. Unlike today’s AI+blockchain meetups that are filled with tons of marketing and speculation, we go through rigorous research, peer reviews and solid data-driven experiments. Past successes in Taiwan such as PC and semiconductor revolutions all build upon solid foundation. The upcoming fintech and blockchain revolution will be no exception. That’s why CTAPC focuses on long-term quality results and in turn will help you focus on the most important thing today: Distinguish impact from noise and invest on the impact instead of ephemeral fireworks.

CTAPC 2019 brings together the world’s leading experts to articulate current trends and future developments across three conference tracks: Chain, Token and AI, as known as CTA. The conference will take place in Taiwan on April 27 and May 24 to 26.

As an active participant in the field, your opinions and expertise are very valuable and important for the success of the Conference. You are cordially invited!


Blockchain is bringing about a major transformation in the financial sector. It is a global phenomenon — in fact banks and fintech companies in India are applying a test and scale approach to blockchain technology in a controlled environment.


Ethereum has already established itself as the most popular DApp platform, attracting massive amounts of developers thanks to its support for an easy-to-use programming language, Solidity, as well as a bevy of ICOs with ERC-20 tokens. It also boasts the most functional use cases of any crypto project in history, with more DApps coming to its mainnet each week.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

AI can introduce even new decentralised learning systems such as federated learning or new data sharing techniques that make the system much more efficient.


Blockchain has been proposed as a system for enabling various entities to contribute into maintaining a common ledger of a digital history with little friction and seamless circulation.

The development and deployment of Blockchain-based systems, and their applications, need to take into consideration new requirements and challenges, thereby raising novel open issues and research themes:

  • Design and engineering improvements to the protocols and architectures underpinning Distributed Ledger Technologies (including Blockchains).
  • The convergence of the technology with other emerging technologies (e.g., AI, IoT) that are becoming key elements of the fourth industrial revolution.
  • Gaining insights of the technical, business, legal, and societal implications of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, including real-life applications and case studies.

List of Topics (Indicative list, other related topics will also be considered):

  • Industry 4.0 transformation and Blockchains
  • Data Science in Blockchains
  • Enabling novel Consensus and Fault Tolerance Mechanisms
  • Game Theory in Distributed Ledgers (including Blockchains)
  • Convergence of Blockchains with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Experience Papers/ Use-cases with Blockchain
  • Governance, and Incentivised Models for Blockchains
  • Barriers and Enablers in Blockchain adoption
  • Formal verification of protocols and Smart Contracts
  • Interoperability of Blockchains with existing Business Models and Processes
  • Legal, ethical and societal aspects of digital-currencies and Blockchains
  • Verticals using Blockchain (financial, e-health, energy, logistics, supply-chain etc.)
  • Blockchain in e-government and public administration
  • Technology and infrastructure challenges in Blockchains
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)
  • Attacks and Security considerations on Blockchains
  • Public, Private and Hybrid Blockchains (permission-less vs. permissioned)

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